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How do pricing and payments work on SpareHire?

The pricing referenced in the project posting is indicative. You should finalize key terms with the Organization, including pay rate, payment scheduling, and project scope, as well as having the Organization officially "select" you via the SpareHire platform before commencing any work. This will activate the project so you can start to track and manage your hours. The rate you agree to with the client is gross (inclusive of SpareHire fees). So if you land a role at $100/hr, you will net $75/hr. Make sure the correct gross hourly rate has been entered before beginning work on the project.

You must log all billable hours via the “Track & Manage” tab on your active project. After you log your hours, click Send Invoice and the system will automatically generate an invoice from those hours. You will have a chance to review before submitting the invoice. We recommend sending invoices on a weekly or bi-weekly basis for ongoing projects.

Once submitted, the Organization will get an email with clear instructions as to payment amount and how to pay (all payments are processed through our platform). You'll receive an email confirmation when the client settles the invoice and your net fees (75%) will automatically be deposited into your bank account within a few business days.

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