How SpareHire Works

Learn how SpareHire can find you vetted professionals at a great price

Post Your Role

Post your project and open it to our talent network in minutes!

Posting a role is always free - you pay only when you hire.

To attract even more candidates, feel free to browse our talent pool and invite the best fits to your role.

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Review Applicants For Free

Compare applicants by experience, education and ratings from prior roles.

Exchange messages with candidates via our email-synced system, and schedule phone calls and interviews as needed.

When ready, select the professional of your choice to kick things off!

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Get Work Done

For Contract roles - execute NDA / Consulting Agreements with your professional, and get working!

Track work progress via our Hours Log, and make payments with any credit card via our secure system.

We take a 25% fee out of all payments to Contract professionals (A $1,000 payment will net the professional $750).

Note: For Full-Time hires, we charge 20% of 1st year salary (with 90-day guarantee)

Contract professionals can also be converted to full-time employment at any time for the same 20% fee.

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