Our Pricing

Pricing for Contract and Full-Time roles, plus guidelines for Contract hourly rates

SpareHire Fee

We never charge for posting roles or collecting and reviewing applicants - pay only when you hire!

Contract Roles

Out of payments to Contract professionals

Automatically deducted from gross payment

Full-Time Roles

Of first-year salary for Full-Time hires

Fully refundable up to 90 days

For contract roles, all pros you meet on SpareHire must be paid via the SpareHire site. Converting to full-time is always an option for 20% of first year salary (payable by employer). For full details, please see our Terms of Use.

We use technology to cut traditional hiring overhead.

Hiring a great professional on SpareHire costs a fraction of a what you'd pay a traditional staffing or recruiting firm.

Suggested Contract Pricing

SpareHire's 25% fee for Contract roles is taken out of gross payments (a $100 payment nets your professional $75). No additional fees.

Experience Level

Research & Analysis
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Project Management
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Expert Advice
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Some Sector Knowledge
Strong Sector Knowledge

Standard Gross Hourly Rates


Urgent / Sprint


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