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Private Equity
Independent Consultant - Self
08/2013 - Present
Due diligence. Financial modeling, strategy, planning, business process improvement, technology evaluation and implementation. Fundraising expertise. Interim CIO and Strategy head. Majority of work at behest of PE and VC firms with regards to either portfolio companies or potential acquisitions.

Corporate Strategy
Citibank - SVP
08/2010 - 08/2013
Leader of Analytics Implementation and Strategic Technology. Program lead for digital transformation.

Hedge Fund
Talleyrand Capital Management - Managing Partner
01/1999 - 04/2010
Conceive, design, and implement analytic foundation for financial analysis of companies and other capital assets (Real Estate, FOREX, derivatives, etc.)

Management Consulting
Accenture - Associate Partner
03/1998 - 08/1999
Sold and led strategy consulting projects to Fortune 500 clients, primarily in financial services.

Management Consulting
The Boston Consulting Group - Principal
03/1995 - 08/1998
Organized and led technology and financial strategy work for fortune 500 clients

Plaza Bank - EVP-CIO
01/1992 - 01/1995
Chief Information Officer. Member of Executive Committee. Led strategic planning efforts.

Ameriquest - SVP-CIO
01/1989 - 01/1992
Chief Information Officer.