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Investment Banking
Diamond Strategic Advisors, LLC - Owner
09/2014 - Present
Collaborated with client and C-suite executives on sell-side transaction; provided recommendations on process, crafted marketing presentations, and managed marketing outreach and relationships; augmented competitiveness of the sale process. Supervised client’s team member to ensure development of his technical skills; improved quality of potential buyers list. Analyzed and modeled financial scenarios and valuation analyses for fairness opinion; Board decided to pursue acquisition.

Investment Banking
Sagent Advisors - Vice President
06/2009 - 06/2014
Originated and executed transactions, including sell-side, buy-side and private financing; Led teams to conduct strategic reviews, construct financial models and perform valuation analyses, including comparable company, precedent transaction, discounted cash flow, leverage buyout analyses; Interacted with client CEO and CFO to analyze business models, perform due diligence, prepare business and financial analysis, and draft marketing materials; Managed relationships with private equity clients

Fidelity Investments - Senior Performance Analyst
04/2005 - 07/2007
• Led four-person team that performed analysis of equity funds performance; reviewed analytical works of peers and delivered results to senior management; led to restructuring of portfolio managers’ bonus compensation methodology
• Analyzed complex compensation methodologies and formulas during design, testing and implementation phases of six-month project to install new portfolio manager bonus compensation system

Fidelity Investments - Actuarial Analyst
04/2004 - 04/2005
• Analyzed fixed income pricing trends and compiled competitor data for an RFP to enter new product market
• Conducted quarterly risk analysis of insurance business and drafted summary reports given to senior management

Fidelity Investments - Pension Specialist
09/2002 - 04/2004
• Collaborated with 10-person inter-departmental group to test data, model and sample cases for pension benefits; resulted in enhanced customer service and additional business opportunities for Fidelity’s other employer service practices