Controller for Small Company that Manages 8 Recovery Homes (62 beds)

Work Remotely
Starts on 2/17/19
Payment Rate
$75 /hour
Est. Duration
12 mo.
Est. Intensity
5 hr/week

About The Work

Financial Statement Preparation
We have 8 group homes (62 beds). 7 of the homes are leased 1 home is owned by the owner of the company, but leased by the company. We have apprx 14 W-2 employees. We provide amenities like food/meals/groceries, gym memberships, transportation, and some activities. We do not offer clinical services and services currently are not covered by insurance. Need help with bookkeeping, forecasting, budgeting, financial statement preparation etc. Although we are more in the healthcare sector, I would think that the accounting is more similar to travel and tourism.


Travel & Tourism


5-10 years professional experience
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