Modeling the Recapitalization of Renewable Generation Portfolio

Work Remotely
Starts on 3/29/19
Payment Rate
$125 /hour
Est. Duration
7 days
Est. Intensity
10 hr/week

About The Work

Financial Modeling
Need experienced financial modeler to model KKR infrastructure group's purchase of 11 renewable energy projects from NextEra. The projects will be combined into a portfolio where existing project debt will be recapitalized.

Transaction Details
- KKR investment will be in the form of an equity interest in a newly-formed structured partnership with NEP.
- NEP has certain rights to re-acquire KKR interest over time at pre-determined return levels between 3.5 and 7.0 years after formation of partnership.
- KKR share of partnership cash flows increases to 99% in the event that NEP call options are not exercised within certain milestones.
- KKR’s $900 million investment will be funded via a mix of new term loan financing and equity

Recapitalization Benefits
1. Bridges potential CAFD impact of the PG&E bankruptcy
2. NPV and credit accretive
3. Cash savings reduce future asset and financing needs
4. Assets remain de-risked, allowing for potential re-levering in the future




5-10 years professional experience
Ideal Candidate
A good background in project finance is helpful but not critical, as is experience with recapitalizations.
$50 Referral Bonus
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