Non-Control Real Estate LP Interests - Mixed Use Project in Ohio


Starts on 12/3/18
Work Remotely
Hourly Rate
5 weeks
15 hr/week

About The Work

Financial Modeling
We have a newly developed mixed use asset, (specifically non-control LP interests) that we have an opportunity to acquire. We are in discussions with the seller on an agreed upon purchase price and need someone with deep real estate expertise to underwrite both the asset as well as the OH market. Aside from the fact that these are non-control LP interests, a deep capital markets expertise and understanding of where these assets trade given the rising interest rate environment and secondary / tertiary market that the asset is located makes this a more "challenging" assignment, but one that we are excited about owning.


Financial Services


5-10 years professional experience
Ideal Candidate
Former / current bulge bracket real estate firm talent is probably best suited for this opportunity.
$125 Referral Bonus

About The Client

Family office with an institutional construct but not mandate to invest simply for AUM growth. We invest for the long term but take advantage of short term opportunities. We are opportunistic / special situation investors whose lens is shaped by assets with the characteristics: (1) downside protection, (2) generally short duration (i.e. 2-4 years), (3) little correlation to capital markets and (4) a focus on absolute returns - MOIC vs IRR.
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