Part Time Controller for Hospitality Franchise


Starts on 11/24/18
Work Remotely
Monthly Rate
12 mo.
20 hr/week

About The Work

Account Reconciliations
We have 13 hotels with about 20mm of top line revenues and 300 employees.

We need a Controller to work with us to make sure we have people and processes in place for proper accounting structures enabling us to daily accounts and revenue reconciliations, A/R, A/P, Monthly P&L and forecasting statements/cash flow projections.


Travel & Tourism


10-15 years professional experience
Ideal Candidate
Must have directly supervised at least 10 employees in accounting.
Previous Hotels or Commercial Real estate experiences preferred.
Must have responsibility of at least 50mm in revenues.
$1,225 Referral Bonus

About The Client

We own and operate 9 hotels in Ohio and Indiana with about 250 employees and 15mm in top line revenues
We are projected to be at 20 hotels in next 5 years and are in need of outside equity
It can be preferred equity, private equity or EB5
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