Professional Presentation Deck Creator

Work Remotely
Starts on 2/16/19
Payment Rate
$100 /hour
Est. Duration
3 weeks
Est. Intensity
10 hr/week

About The Work

Presentation Materials
Fundraising Decks
Need 12 - 15 slides presentation decks created for four separate projects (will hire one for all or may select different professionals). Here is a brief description of each Development Project;
-Sports Complex (Design, Develop and Manage)
-Waste-to-Energy (Clean Energy Solution - Design, develop and Manage)
-Energy Cost reduction (GE Cutting Edge Tech Solution)
-Industrial Park Redevelopment Plan
Applicants should provide their questionnaire and at least one product sample.


Sports & Leisure
Professional Services


5-10 years professional experience
$75 Referral Bonus

About The Client

Project Development and Management Consulting
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