Refine 5-Year Financial Projections for Startup in the Food & Beverage Space

Work Remotely
Starts on 11/29/18
Payment Rate
$500 Fixed
Est. Duration
7 days
Est. Intensity
5 hr/week

About The Work

Presentation Materials
Business Plans
We are a startup company in the food & beverage / entertainment arena. Our current 5-year projections need to be verified, refined and some additions made. Spreadsheets may need restructuring. We are preparing to submit these projections to potential investors. This project is highly time-sensitive and we are looking to get started immediately.

We are looking for someone with expertise in preparing projections for a food & beverage business and for the purpose of presenting to investors.

This is a non-negotiable $500 fixed price project. Please do not apply if uncomfortable with the budget.


1-5 years professional experience
Ideal Candidate
Candidates must have vast knowledge/experience in the food & beverage industry with experience specifically putting together these types of financial projections for the purpose of raising capital
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