Start Up Financial/Decision Model


Starts on 11/27/18
Work Remotely
Hourly Rate
14 days
5 hr/week

About The Work

Financial Modeling

I'm in need of a startup financial model via excel that can be utilized as a template. The model should include the basics:
i) Cost of Sales Inputs
ii) Operating Costs (ongoing)
iii) Initial, One-Time Costs such as equipment, tenant improvement and permitting

Preference to have the model user friendly and ability to be a decision model for the business owner.



Sports & Leisure


5-10 years professional experience
Ideal Candidate
Non-Tech Start Up experience
$25 Referral Bonus

About The Client

BW Capital Advisors (BW) is a modern-day Merchant Bank with the entrepreneur as its focus. BW was founded on the principal of representing the best interests of the entrepreneur and investor in accessing capital.
Our core principles focus on providing:

Capital – Access to Capital

Strategy – Advisory-based services for Projects or Expansions

Growth – Direct Capital Investments via Debt or Equity
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