Supply Chain/Sourcing Consultant for PE Backed Apparel Manufacturing Co.


Starts on 11/13/18
Occasional travel to San Francisco, CA  
Hourly Rate
10 days
25 hr/week

About The Work

Operations & IT
Supply Chain / Logistics
We are a PE backed apparel manufacturing company seeking a consultant to help drive the Company’s supply chain strategy. The Company manufactures domestically and sources from abroad leather belts for some of the largest retailers in the US. Historically, the Company has solely sourced its finished goods from China, but is in the process of diversifying its manufacturing base.

You will be expected to assist in diagnosing the key areas of opportunity, and risk, as the Company looks to completely shift its supply chain over the next 12 months. Depending on that diagnosis, the consultant would then have the opportunity to support the ultimate implementation of the proposed sourcing plan. Incorporated into this project would be further evaluation of the domestic manufacturing operation, 1) raw material cost opportunities in the domestic operation (primarily leather and buckles) and 2) identifying opportunities to offshore domestic production to drive increased profit.




5-10 years professional experience
Ideal Candidate
Direct experience in apparel sourcing/manufacturing and private equity preferred.
$75 Referral Bonus
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