The Value of ESG Investing in Emerging Economies: Winners & Losers - Research Paper

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Starts on 5/1/19
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$55 /hour
Est. Duration
3 weeks
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5 hr/week

About The Work

We would like a research paper that explores the role ESG investing in Emerging Markets .
"The Value of ESG Investing in Emerging Economies: Winners & Losers" (~18,000 words)

The paper should synthesize relevant research and available data, and provide arguments that support the positive force for change that ESG growth promotes in emerging and frontier markets. The paper should be structured with the following segments:
1. Introduction, Research Aim, Objectives and Research Questions
2. Literature Review
3. Research Design and Methodology
4. Findings/Results
5. Analysis and Discussion of Findings
6. Conclusions and Recommendations
7. References

Thank you for reading.


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5-10 years professional experience
Ideal Candidate
Experience/Interest in ESG
$25 Referral Bonus
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