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4.9 from 48 Reviews

10+ Years of experience including top investment banks and middle-market private equity firms, and start-up experience

5 years at Thombre Property Group

2 years at J.P. Morgan

2 years at Simply Sweet Arrangements

2 years at Flexis Capital

  • BS from Washington University in St. Louis
Private Equity Investment Banking Start-Up
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4.9 from 34 Reviews

Over 10 years experience in investment banking and private equity. Have taught financial modeling professionally.

5 years at Amerocap

4 years at Lincolnshire

3 years at Deutsche Bank

  • MBA from University of Chicago
  • BA from Princeton University
Private Equity Investment Banking
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5.0 from 21 Reviews

Real estate investment banker and consultant with $25 billion in transaction experience

7 years at Integritas Capital Advisors, LLC

7 years at Oberon Securities, LLC

3 years at KPMG LLP

2 years at Macquarie Capital (USA), Inc.

  • MBA from Columbia University - Columbia Business School
  • JD from College of William & Mary Law School
  • BA from Princeton University
Management Consulting Investment Banking Private Equity
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4.9 from 21 Reviews

On-Demand Deal & Strategy Advisor for Clients Executing M&A | Real Estate Acquisitions | Capital-Raises

6 years at Trusted Advisor to Clients Executing M&A | RE Acquisitions | Capital-Raises

3 years at KEB Investment Banking / Ravinia Capital LLC

3 years at Alcan Packaging

  • MBA from Kellogg School of Management
  • BA from University of Pennsylvania
Investment Banking Corporate Development
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5.0 from 18 Reviews

CEO/CFO- Private Equity & Inv. Banking with 15+ yrs real estate, finance, operational, marketing & capital raising exp.

4 years at Electro International (Tower affiliate)

7 years at Towerbank

3 years at Gazit Globe - $18Bln RE Private Equity

7 years at Goldman Sachs, JP Morgan & Bear Stearns

  • MBA from The Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania
  • BS from Stern, NYU
Start-Up Corporate Strategy Private Equity Investment Banking
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5.0 from 18 Reviews

Financial professional and entrepreneur with +10 years of experience in valuations, M&A, JVs & Corporate Strategy.

6 years at Second City Capital

4 years at Famhaus Interactive

2 years at Bulltick Capital Markets

4 years at Bain & Company

  • MBA from INSEAD
  • BS from ITAM
Private Equity Start-Up Investment Banking Management Consulting
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5.0 from 17 Reviews

Investment banker and entrepreneur with 8+ years experience advising companies of all shapes and sizes

7 years at Various Startups

4 years at Belstone Capital

3 years at UBS Investment Bank

  • BS from Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Start-Up Investment Banking
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4.9 from 13 Reviews

Investment banker turned entrepreneur with experience in operations, marketing and finance

7 years at BeltCraft.com

5 years at SpareHire

1 year at Shoptiques.com

1 year at Citadel

  • BA from Northwestern University
  • MBA from University of Chicago, Booth School of Business
Start-Up Investment Banking Operations
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5.0 from 12 Reviews

Experienced Financial Analyst Supporting Early-Stage Companies, Private Equity Firms and Investment Banks

2 years at Melvin Capital Management

2 years at The Blackstone Group

1 year at Lazard

3 years at EMB Advisory

  • BBA from The University of Texas at Austin
Hedge Fund Investment Banking Private Equity
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5.0 from 11 Reviews

Independent consultant with 14 years of experience in the financial services sector, mainly as an investment banker

5 years at Diamond Strategic Advisors, LLC

6 years at Sagent Advisors

6 years at Fidelity Investments

  • MBA from The University of Pennsylvania
  • BS from Boston College
Investment Banking Operations

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