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Peter R.

4.9 from 5 Reviews

Fractional COO/CSO/CMO - 24 yrs. exp. delivering top-line revenue growth, transformations, and capital raising support.

10 years at Grahampton & Co

16 years at Various: Sequoia, Columbus Newport, PA Consulting UK, Khashoggi Inv. Holdings

8 years at Various: Global consultancies, PA Consulting, CN

5 years at Various: RMRC (now part of GfK Global)

  • MBA from Georgetown University
  • BA from University of King\'s College
Management Consulting Private Equity Marketing
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4.5 from 4 Reviews

Experienced strategist and innovation consultant, based in California and bringing a global experience across industries

4 years at Independent Consultant

1 year at XPRIZE Foundation

2 years at Deutsche Telekom

3 years at PwC

  • MBA from UCLA Anderson School of Management
  • MA from Bucharest University of Economics
  • BS from Bucharest University of Economics
Management Consulting Corporate Strategy Marketing
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4.3 from 3 Reviews

Financial analyst with over 30 years of investment banking, capital markets and engineering experience.

2 years at Aegis Energy Advisors Corp

4 years at TJV Consulting

1 year at Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corp

3 years at Booz Allen Hamilton

  • MBA from Carnegie Mellon University
  • MS from Lehigh University
  • BS from University of Pittsburgh
Investment Banking Management Consulting Marketing
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5.0 from 2 Reviews

Digital marketing strategist with 17 years experience developing and executing strategy for wide range of businesses

4 years at User Experience Consultants, Inc

1 year at APM Music

1 year at Corbis Entertainment

7 years at Subculture Interactive

  • BA from University of Southern California
Marketing Start-Up
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5.0 from 2 Reviews

B2B CMO | SaaS Product Marketing, Product Strategy, Go-to-Market Strategy & Execution, Pricing Strategy & Tactics

4 years at B2B Marketing Group

4 years at Guidepoint Global

7 years at Dun & Bradstreet

2 years at ScreamingMedia

  • MBA from University of Chicago Booth School of Business
  • BS from The Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania
Marketing Management Consulting
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5.0 from 2 Reviews

Marketing and HR professional with 10+ years of experience. Have worked for start-ups and Fortune 500 companies alike.

3 years at Entelo

2 years at Skyhigh Networks

2 years at Symantec

5 years at Amgen

  • BA from UCLA
  • MBA from UNC-Chapel Hill
Marketing Operations
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5.0 from 2 Reviews

Data-driven professional with 5+ years of data analytics and business consulting experience

3 years at Self- Employed

1 year at Kaleo Software

1 year at Media Design Group

2 years at Bogaert Consulting

  • PhD from Northwestern University
  • MS from Oxford University
  • BS from Columbia University
Management Consulting Start-Up Marketing
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5.0 from 2 Reviews

I have over 8 years of experience across strategy, analytics, finance in the healthcare (pharma & medtech) space.

2 years at Sandoz (a Novartis company)

2 years at Sandoz (a Novartis Company)

3 years at Bank of America Merrill Lynch

3 years at Tech Coast Angles

  • BS from Duke University
  • MBA from Columbia University
Marketing Corporate Strategy Investment Banking Start-Up
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4.8 from 2 Reviews

Strategy, marketing, business development and M&A consultant for software and SaaS companies

10 years at C Squared E, LLC

4 years at 3M

3 years at Granitar

6 years at Accenture

  • BA from Northwestern University
  • MBA from MIT Sloan School of Management
Management Consulting Marketing
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4.8 from 2 Reviews

Advisor and Entrepreneur

4 years at Pournader & Co.

3 years at Accenture

2 years at Alvarez & Marsal

2 years at Interbrand

  • BA from Vanderbilt University
  • MBA from New York University
Management Consulting Marketing

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