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4.7 from 22 Reviews

Strategy and Business Development Professional

4 years at ABH Consulting

4 years at VIACOM

3 years at Tiffany & Co.

3 years at Strategy & Co.

  • BA from University of Pennsylvania
Management Consulting Corporate Strategy
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5.0 from 12 Reviews

Financial professional and entrepreneur with +10 years of experience in valuations, M&A, JVs & Corporate Strategy.

4 years at Second City Capital

4 years at Famhaus Internactive

2 years at Bulltick Capital Markets

4 years at Bain & Company

  • MBA from INSEAD
  • BS from ITAM
Private Equity Start-Up Investment Banking Management Consulting
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5.0 from 11 Reviews

Real estate investment banker and consultant with $25 billion in transaction experience

5 years at Integritas Capital Advisors, LLC

5 years at Oberon Securities, LLC

3 years at KPMG LLP

2 years at Macquarie Capital (USA), Inc.

  • MBA from Columbia University - Columbia Business School
  • JD from College of William & Mary Law School
  • BA from Princeton University
Management Consulting Investment Banking Private Equity
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4.8 from 8 Reviews

Technologist & optimist. Former consultant with McKinsey & Co., now running business operations at a software company.

6 years at Cerego LLC

2 years at McKinsey and Company

  • MS from University of Oxford
  • BA from Harvard University
Corporate Strategy Management Consulting
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4.7 from 8 Reviews

Management Consultant; Primary focus on strategic sourcing and healthcare advisory

3 years at AArete

3 years at HBR Consulting

  • BS from Indiana University - Kelley School of Business
Management Consulting
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5.0 from 7 Reviews

International CFO, Investment Banking, Venture Capitalist, Business Development, Business Valuation, Operations

15 years at Snider Consultancy, LLC

6 years at Hunter Wise Financial Group, LLC

4 years at MSB Global Business Alliance

3 years at ACE, Ltd.

  • BBA from University of Notre Dame
Management Consulting Investment Banking Operations
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5.0 from 6 Reviews

Dynamic professional with experience in investment banking and management consulting

4 years at Independent

5 years at Opener.co/Kredito SAS

1 year at PCS Research Services

2 years at Guggenheim Partners, LLC

  • BA from University of Wisconsin - Madison
Management Consulting Start-Up Investment Banking
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4.9 from 6 Reviews

Finance & Strategy professional with experience in restructuring, M&A, and corporate development.

4 years at Chapel Street Capital, LLC

3 years at PennWell

2 years at BDO Capital Advisors

  • MBA from Babson College
  • BA from Wittenberg University
Management Consulting Corporate Development Investment Banking
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Peter R.

4.9 from 5 Reviews

Fractional COO/CSO/CMO - 24 yrs. exp. delivering top-line revenue growth, transformations, and capital raising support.

10 years at Grahampton & Co

16 years at Various: Sequoia, Columbus Newport, PA Consulting UK, Khashoggi Inv. Holdings

8 years at Various: Global consultancies, PA Consulting, CN

5 years at Various: RMRC (now part of GfK Global)

  • MBA from Georgetown University
  • BA from University of King\'s College
Management Consulting Private Equity Marketing
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4.8 from 5 Reviews

18 years at Grasfield Consulting

  • MBA from Harvard Business School
  • BA from Harvard College
Management Consulting

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