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4.9 from 8 Reviews

15 years at August Fern Consulting

  • MBA from Harvard Business School
  • BS from University of California at Berkeley
Venture Capital
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4.9 from 7 Reviews

Capital Raising / Financial Models / Presentations / Investment banking / Private Equity / Venture Capital / Start-Ups

4 years at Shockoe Atelier

1 year at New Richmond Ventures

2 years at PrecisionIR

10 years at SV Investment Partners (fka Schroder Ventures US)

  • BA from Brown University
  • MBA from INSEAD
Start-Up Venture Capital Operations Private Equity Investment Banking
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4.5 from 2 Reviews

M&A / Venture Investment - Corporate Development Professional with 2 years investment banking experience

3 years at Business Innovation Center (Konica Minolta)

3 years at Cisco

1 year at Breaktime Studios

3 years at Morgan Stanley

  • BA from University of Chicago
Venture Capital Corporate Development Start-Up Investment Banking
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5.0 from 1 Reviews

Investment Banker with 5 years of experience in Financial Modeling, Business Strategy, & Project Management

1 year at ZipZap Inc

4 years at Barclays Capital

1 year at Barclays - Capital

  • BA from Carleton College
Venture Capital Investment Banking Management Consulting
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5.0 from 1 Reviews

Former L.E.K. Consulting strategy consultant with experience in market research and complex data analysis

2 years at L.E.K. Consulting

2 years at Social Finance

  • BS from Boston College
Management Consulting Venture Capital
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5.0 from 1 Reviews

Former investment banker / current Managing Partner VC/PE firm, CFO and Mgmt Consultant with 7+ years of experience

3 years at Vitalyze Inc

2 years at Flash Equity

4 years at Five Elms Capital

3 years at Akshar Capital

  • MBA from Harvard University
  • BS from Saint Louis University
Start-Up Venture Capital Private Equity Investment Banking
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5.0 from 1 Reviews

Startup CXO (COO, CTO, CMO, CFO), Startup Builder, C-level Management Consultant, Entrepreneur, Angel Investor

8 years at Argento Ventures

6 years at Golden Seeds

4 years at InMatch

1 year at Global Innovation

  • MBA from Kellogg School of Management
  • MS from Stevens Institute of Technology
  • BE from Stevens Institute of Technology
Start-Up Venture Capital
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5.0 from 1 Reviews

Seasoned financial professional with operating, VC, SaaS, restructuring, cannabis, and patent/IP background

2 years at SaaS-Focused Special Purpose Acquisition Company

1 year at Health Data Vision, Inc.

4 years at MemeTV

4 years at GMS Zukin, LLC

  • BA from University of California - Los Angeles
Private Equity Start-Up Venture Capital Investment Banking Operations
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5.0 from 1 Reviews

strategic entrepreneur and MBA with marketing, pitching, and project management experience

3 years at DinnerCall

5 years at Slane Capital Partners

1 year at Zylo

  • MBA from University of Chicago Booth School of Business
  • BS from Butler University
Start-Up Venture Capital
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5.0 from 1 Reviews

CFO and Controller (Ex-Big 4 CPA) with public and private high technology organizations.

2 years at Xura

7 years at Sepaton, Inc.

3 years at Sonus Networks

3 years at Network Intelligence Corporation

  • BS from Duquesne University
  • MBA from University of Pittsburgh
Accounting Venture Capital Start-Up Private Equity

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