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CEO/CFO- Private Equity & Inv. Banking with 15+ yrs real estate, finance, operational, marketing & capital raising exp.

3 years at Electro International

4 years at Towerbank

3 years at Gazit Globe - $18Bln RE Private Equity

7 years at Goldman Sachs, JP Morgan & Bear Stearns

  • MBA from The Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania
  • BS from Stern, NYU
Start-Up Corporate Strategy Private Equity Investment Banking
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5.0 from 9 Reviews

Independent consultant with 12 years of experience in the financial services sector, mainly as an investment banker

3 years at Diamond Strategic Advisors, LLC

5 years at Sagent Advisors

6 years at Fidelity Investments

  • MBA from The University of Pennsylvania
  • BS from Boston College
Investment Banking Operations
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5.0 from 6 Reviews

International CFO, Investment Banking, Venture Capitalist, Business Development, Business Valuation, Operations

15 years at Snider Consultancy, LLC

6 years at Hunter Wise Financial Group, LLC

4 years at MSB Global Business Alliance

3 years at ACE, Ltd.

  • BBA from University of Notre Dame
Management Consulting Investment Banking Operations
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4.9 from 5 Reviews

Capital Raising / Financial Models / Presentations / Investment banking / Private Equity / Venture Capital / Start-Ups

4 years at Shockoe Atelier

1 year at New Richmond Ventures

2 years at PrecisionIR

10 years at SV Investment Partners (fka Schroder Ventures US)

  • BA from Brown University
  • MBA from INSEAD
Start-Up Venture Capital Operations Private Equity Investment Banking
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5.0 from 4 Reviews

Worked in I-Banking / Hedge Funds / Consulting for the past 9 years and valued 1000's of companies

4 years at Heritage Financial Partners

5 years at Karlin Asset Management

2 years at CIBC Oppenheimer

  • BS from Washington University of St. Louis
Private Equity Hedge Fund Investment Banking
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5.0 from 3 Reviews

Consulting CFO. In past: Harvard grad, J.P. Morgan investment banker, Och-Ziff equity investor, turnaround experience.

8 years at Clay Hill Capital

4 years at Sandstone Capital

2 years at Och-Ziff Capital

2 years at SAB Capital

  • BA from Harvard University
Investment Banking Hedge Fund
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5.0 from 3 Reviews

Management Consultant, Serial Entrepreneur, Startup Executive & Advisor

4 years at Fort Consulting Group

7 years at QSpex Technologies

2 years at McKinsey & Company

5 years at Northern Lights Consulting

  • MBA from Columbia Business School
  • BBA from University of Georgia
  • MPh from Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health
Management Consulting Corporate Strategy Operations
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5.0 from 3 Reviews

Buy-side, sell-side and business owner, I've seen the world from every angle. Able to jump right into any assignment.

3 years at Impresa Products

2 years at Bowerbird

1 year at ArtistCommons

3 years at Serent Capital

  • BA from Washington University in St. Louis
Start-Up Private Equity Investment Banking
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5.0 from 2 Reviews

16 years at GrowthBound

  • BS from Vanderbilt University
Management Consulting
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4.8 from 2 Reviews

Inv. banker & mgmt strategy professional with 10+ yrs & $2 billion of various capital markets advisory experience

7 years at Turan Advisors

2 years at Inertech Systems (Sold to JP Morgan Chase PE)

3 years at Gotham Consulting Partners (McKinsey & Co. Spinoff)

2 years at Tocqueville Securities ($15 billion investment management firm)

  • MBA from Vanderbilt University
  • BS from Columbia University
  • BA from Clark University
Private Equity Start-Up Management Consulting Investment Banking

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