About SpareHire

SpareHire is an online work marketplace that enables organizations to find and engage top-tier finance and consulting professionals for project-based work.

High-end finance and consulting skill sets have historically been limited to the select few large organizations that can afford the high cost of engaging an expensive firm or hiring a professional on a full-time basis. The rest of the world, including boutique investment firms, consulting firms and small businesses, has limited access to these skill sets.

At the same time, investment bankers, management consultants and investment professionals are seeking new ways to utilize their skills and expand their networks, while gaining control over their personal and professional lives.

We use technology to increase connectivity between these two groups in a discreet and confidential manner, and foster a flexible work solution for the modern organization and professional in the digital era.

SpareHire was founded in 2013 and is based in New York City.

Who Uses SpareHire?

Our users are always kept confidential - the below examples are real users, but all names are withheld.


Projects are posted to the SpareHire platform...

Financial modeling and analytical support for a private equity investment

Research and presentation work for a consulting study

Preparation of an annual corporate budget

Creation of a business plan and fundraising materials

Evaluation of a new market opportunity

... By a variety of Organizations...

Private Equity Firm

Boutique Consulting Firm

Medium-Sized Business


Small Business

... And are completed by SpareHire Professionals.

Investment banker / private equity professional turned entrepreneur

Independent management consultant with a top-tier MBA

Experienced investment management professional

Venture capital professional

Experienced marketing / corporate development professional

Founding Team

Co-Founders Vikram and Ashwin have known each other since childhood. Drawing from their career experience in private equity, they created SpareHire to help organizations and professionals find each other and work together.

Jason, Vikram's classmate at Columbia, joined as CTO to help build a world-class technology platform to support SpareHire's vision.

Vikram Ashok, Co-Founder

Vikram Ashok

Co-Founder and CEO

Vik graduated from Columbia and worked in both New York and Hong Kong at Quilvest Private Equity for 3 years before founding SpareHire.

Jason Gordon, CTO

Jason Gordon

Co-Founder and CTO

Jason graduated with an engineering degree from Columbia and worked at a large financial software company in Manhattan for 5 years before joining SpareHire.

Ashwin Krishnan, Co-Founder

Ashwin Krishnan


Ashwin graduated from Duke and had 5 years of Private Equity experience at Audax in Boston and CVC Capital Partners in New York before founding SpareHire.

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